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Tips for veggie diets

Even though most Americans know that they need animal protein to sustain a healthy diet and vegetarianism has undoubtedly had itís ďfad ď moments, some people just prefer to stick with a mostly green diet. You can still get health benefits and nourishment from a vegetable and fruit diet. Here are some popular foods and facts that may help you get on track:

Packed with folate, potassium, magnesium and fiber, they have a low glycemic index to keep that blood glucose at an even keel.

This is one that you have to be careful with on portion size. Nuts are full of vitamin E and monosaturated fat but are packed with calories at the same time.

Green vegetables:
The darker the veggie the better- spinach, kale, dark leafy greens or even colorful vegetables like yellow and red peppers will add much needed nutrients to your diet.

Vegetarians that donít consume alcohol or caffeine are 40% less likely to get diabetes.

Eating soy products like replacing cowís milk with soymilk and tofu for meat will help to replenish that protein thatís missing from your diet.

There are also supplements in the form of soy protein you can take to add to your diet.

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