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Twilight Teeth Whitening System

Twilight Teeth UV Teeth Whitening

Dentists use heat and UV rays to chemically whiten teeth while you sit in a dental chair. The cost can be astronomical without dental insurance to cover the treatments. However, you can have the same results while you relax and work on your tan in a tanning bed. The heat and UV light generated by the tanning bed activates the ingredients in Twilight Teeth, providing the same or similar whitening effects of a dental treatment for a much cheaper price. In fact, you can get those results for less than the co-pay for a visit to your dentist.

The same results you would normal see from a dentist are now available in a convenient kit to use while tanning. The kit includes a mouth piece and the whitening agent in a refreshing mint flavor. Twilight Teeth can improve the overall whiteness of your teeth in a single tanning session, although truly dramatic results are usually seen after several tanning sessions. The system has been tested and proven to be both safe and powerful, without the pain those with sensitive teeth often report since teeth are not submerged in a tray. The best part is that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Twilight Teeth was one of the first companies to pioneer teeth whitening during the tanning process. It is also the first company to develop a system that does not submerge or overexpose teeth to the whitening solution. Instead, a polymer-based solution is applied to teeth with a brush and adheres exactly where it is applied. Since most pain occurs in and around biting surfaces, using a brush to apply the solution allows users to avoid those sensitive areas to reduce or eliminate pain associated with sensitivity. Once applied, the whitening process begins almost instantly and is further activated by the UV light of a tanning bed.

Twilight Teeth Platinum 25 offers the strongest over the counter concentration available. This higher concentration means more power and less exposure needed. Many other over the counter teeth whitening systems provide a much lower concentration due to issues with shelf life and consumer overuse. By lessening the concentration of their products, if a consumer uses too much product, they will not be as susceptible to the associated pain from sensitive areas like biting surfaces. Additionally, since whitening agents lose potency over time, lower concentrations provide longer shelf life. Platinum 25 provides higher concentrations and shorter shelf life, with a guarantee of freshness to vendors.

Twilight Teeth

Twilight Teeth Platinum Kit
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