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Training Ideas

In a resistance-training program, sometimes things can feel a little ďroutineĒ and you may even hit a plateau at one point. Here are a few categories you may be interested in and some strategies to obtain the results youíre looking for.

If you want to boost your bodyís metabolism, try lactic acid training. This consists of lifting lighter weights for 30 seconds to two minutes straight with no rest. Lifting lighter weight with higher repetitions causes a build up of lactic acid in your muscles. More oxygen is needed to get rid of the lactic acid, which in turn boosts the bodyís metabolism after exercise. Itís important with this method of training to keep proper form and max it out until you just canít do another rep.

Circuit training is excellent for calorie burning. For example, try a set of bicep curls and instead of resting and going into another set, start lunging or doing a leg exercise. If you really want to increase the burn, perform compound sets- working multiple muscle groups in one exercise. A squat with dumbbell raises would be an example of this. The key with circuit training is to keep moving and take little rest time in between.

If you want to increase your strength faster than most people normally do, try very slow training. Instead of busting out your reps as quickly as you can, take 8-10 seconds to lift the weight and 8-10 seconds to lower it.

According to the Superslow Exercise Guild in Florida, this routine should take about 20 minutes and your muscles should be exhausted afterward. This exercise works because you have little momentum when you go slowly, so your muscles work harder to complete the repetition with proper form. To do this properly, you need a weight thatís not too heavy but heavy enough to challenge you and fatigue the muscle.

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