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The value of nuts!

So Good, Itís Nuts

Walnuts have been around for centuries and their uses have been for boosting intellect, treating headaches and ailments and even anti- stress and calming benefits. There are two types of walnut- the Black walnut and the English walnut. The English walnut is the one we are most familiar with. It's the one you see in the grocery store and would buy for snacking and cooking.

Walnuts are the single nut that supplies a high content of the omega 3 fatty acid - alpha linolenic acid; they also contain manganese, magnesium, copper and phorphorus which are all important minerals. A european study was done with 400 individuals who were considered high risk for heart disease. They were given one ounce of nuts every day with their respective " Mediterranian " style diets for three months. Their diets were low in "LDL" or bad cholesterol , so that combined with the serving of walnuts was shown to significantly reduce inflammation of blood vessels and decrease blood cholesterol levels.

A study done by Penn State University researchers found that walnuts and the actual oil derived from the nut can boost and enhance bone density. The study was done to take a specific look at the benefits of alpha linolenic acid and what it does for bone health; but it is noted that the rich mineral content in walnuts make a positive contribution to this as well.

Walnuts can be a quick and easy snack to eat alone; or you can chop them up to sprinkle on salads, pasta dishes or as an ingredient in your homeade smoothie. For a stronger flavor of the walnut, you can actually roast them to bring out a more intense taste.

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