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Raw Foods

In this day and age many people are beginning to realize that eating healthier is necessity for maintaining a higher quality of life. Unfortunately, the need for convenience often overrides the time necessary to prepare nutritionally sound meals. It is no secret that most convenience foods are also the least healthy, often loaded with sodium, preservatives, sugar and fat.

One school of thought that is gaining popularity is a diet of raw foods. Because foods that are considered raw are unprocessed and uncooked plant life, (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds), many proponents of this diet tend to be vegetarian or vegan. A few hard-core “foodists” are neither and eat raw meat, raw eggs, and unpasturized dairy products. The majority of people who subscribe to the raw diet, however, qualify themselves in a percentage, such as 50% or 80% raw.

But regardless of the wide range of views on the raw diet, experts do agree on one thing: eating more raw foods (i.e. fruits and vegetables) DOES contribute to a healthier diet. And since processed foods often contain the addition of MSG, hormones, fluoride and other chemicals which can have an extreme impact on the body’s ability to cleanse itself, eating as many “whole” (unprocessed) foods as possible in place of these processed foods is almost more important than eating foods raw.

So mom really was right. Eat all your vegetables so you can be strong and healthy!

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