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Keep off Holiday Pounds

Forget trying to diet over the holidays! I mean, really, try not to stuff your face for Thanksgiving! I know I couldnít do it! Well, it turn out that maintaining is a worthy goal for those of us who donít want to add on the lbs. Like itís our job or something. We eat on average an extra 619 calories per day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, says research from Texas A&M International University in Laredo. WOW! My jaw just dropped to the floor!

Reading that statement made me look for ways to undo some of the dieting damage that occurs throughout the holidays. Working out a little longer when Iím at the gym or adding extra intervals to my sets can spur my calorie burning! I know that time isnít a thing many of us can come by, especially this time of year! So if you canít etch out the time for more exercise, consider some of these simple pound shedding tips:

  • Take a seat during meals. Eating while seated can lead you to consume about 1/3 less than if you eat on the go. Take note to eat slower also, so you have time to notice and acknowledge when your body is telling you their full!

  • Try a whiff of peppermint. People who regularly sniff peppermint ate 23% fewer calories per week. Start chewing on a piece of sugarless mint gum or sip some peppermint tea and take a whiff to outsmart a craving.

  • Pack a snack of protein. For example, try packing a small container of nonfat plain yogurt or a low fat string cheese to steer clear of hunger pains and urges throughout your day. Try drinking a glass of milk after your workouts can help you burn more fat.

  • Sip on some soup. Fill up on minestrone, or one of the other healthy soups out there and eat less during a meal.

  • Spice it up a bit. Prepare your meals with spices like garlic and pepper. Doing so may help prevent you from over eating.

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