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Get out and walk!

A nice long walk for about 60 minutes a day five days per week can increase what is called your maximal oxygen intake by as much as 25% within three months. This referred to as the Vo2 max and itís the bodyís ability to consume oxygen. This 25% increase is enough to turn back the clock for 12 years on a person; it can also add years of functional independence on a seniorís life because of the increased health benefits.

As someone ages, the body will lose, on average, 5 milliliters of oxygen per kilograms of body weight per decade. Because Vo2 max performance declines through the years, so does the amount of activities you can do without getting fatigued.

Frequent and high impact walking can at least slow this process down- if not reverse it!!!

When someoneís oxygen intake is not at optimal levels, it can really take a toll on his or her lifestyle and daily functionality. Aerobic exercise, which walking most definitely is, will help with Vo2 max and can extend independence and may also help fight stroke risk, obesity, some cancers and osteoporosis.

Itís no mystery that exercise like brisk walking or any aerobic activity for that matter can build muscle. This can help in recovery from injuries and prevent falls that elderly people typically experience. You canít stop the age clock from ticking but if you take up frequent walking and aim to increase that oxygen intake, you will slow down the bodyís aging process considerably.

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