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More Protein is Key

More Protein = Less Hunger = Better Fitting Clothes

The super cell-builder is back with more reasons to “EAT YOUR MEAT”

While it is true that dieters who forsake bread and munch on and meat, fats and veggies tend to drop weight, at lease for a while, it has often been debated, “why”. That is, until now: Extra protein, in your diet, sends a “you can't stop eating now” message to the brain.

The Atkins diet pumps this high protein intake and makes the assumption that cutting carbohydrates stomps sugar from getting stored as fat, while increasing protein exercises the kidneys and therefore burns more calories. It is no doubt the Atkins diet works but all that was proven scientifically was that protein suppresses the appetites of mammals.

Other university research showed that simply increasing the amount of protein in your diet helps you lose weight even if you don't shun carbohydrates one bit. What they did was take people and have them consume the same amount of carbohydrates but reduce the amount of fat and increase the amount of protein significantly. After three months the test subjects were 11 pounds lighter on average, even though they were still consuming the same amount of carbs. The test subjects also reported feeling satisfied with less food. In other words, they lost weight because they consume less calories, overall.

The science behind how protein does this is complicated. Basically, research indicates that this high protein intake sparks a production of glucose in the small intestine, and that this increase is in turn sensed by the liver as it metabolizes the glucose and then the liver relays the “you can stop eating now” he to the parts of our brain involved in the control of appetite.

The fitness, health and supplements industry has been preaching the need for protein and for decades have sworn that they do not feel deprived at all in their diet. Looks like they may have been right all along.

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