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Cut Back the Calories

Cut back on Calories

There are so many ways in which we are told daily to cut calories from our diets. There are almost so many different ways, that they are often confused and combined and end up effecting us negatively instead of in a positive way. Here are some very basic quick tips on how any one is able to easily shave calories from their diets every day!

Losing weight doesn't have to mean nothing but a steady diet of lettuce. In fact, you'll increase your chance of success if you don't take such a drastic approach. Make a few dietary changes, nip and tuck at your usual routine, and you it could mean an average of 10-pounds lost in just about a year.

Dieting doesn't mean saying no to pie. Shaving off the bottom crust decreases the damage by 100 calories and you won't even know it's missing! Well, I am sure you would notice it was missing, but itís the thought that counts!

When dining out for Mexican meals, ask that your burrito be made with the smaller taco-sized tortilla to subtract almost 100 calories. When having Japanese food, order the miso soup (30 calories) instead of green salad (250 calories). If it's a Chinese dinner you crave, skip the crunchy noodles with your wonton soup for an average of 120-caloric loss.

The average deli bagel packs at least 300 calories (EEK!) and that's before you add butter or cream cheese! Hollow out the inside (about a third of the bagel) and you'll downsize by at least 100 calories.

Do you think your taste buds can really detect the difference between oil packed and water packed tuna? How about an omelets prepared with butter-flavored nonstick spray rather than just butter? These simple changes will dispose of about 100-plus calories, and honestly chances are you won't even notice the difference!

Consider replacing an 8-ounce soda with seltzer that could save you 100 calories a pop. Or try substituting a glass of water with a slice of orange for your morning OJ.

Pull the skin from a serving of poultry and instantly trim 100 calories from it. To keep your bird moist, peel after baking or broiling.

Typical restaurant pasta is at least four times the recommended serving size per meal. Portion out a single serving, around the size of a tennis ball and spare yourself hundreds of extra calories! FYI - Do the same when dining on rice and potatoes.

Salt around the rim of a glass is usually a sign of pending calorie catastrophe! Eh, hello! One beverage with two to five ounces of alcohol and a mixer equals 300 to 700 calories!!! Ouch! Keep happy hour under control by sticking with chardonnay (90 calories for 4 ounces) or light beer (about 100 calories for 12 ounces) and regard the one-drink limit.

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