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You better eat your broccoli!

We all know broccoli isnít the tastiest food around, but itís packed with a lot of nutritional value. One cup of cooked broccoli contains: 4 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 50% of your daily vitamin A need, 170% of daily vitamin C need, 23% of your daily folate requirement and 505 milligrams of potassium! Broccoli also contains vitamin B-6 and iron. When buying broccoli, choose younger, firmer, dark green florets without any yellow color to it. Refrigerate it to protect the vitamin C and donít wash it until you use it, that way youíll prevent mold from forming.

If you donít like broccoli, there are actually some ďrelativesĒ that provide you with similar benefits.

Broccoflower is a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower and is a lighter color green. Broccolini is a hybrid of Chinese kale. This veggie is a sweeter tenderer version of broccoli. It contains vitamin C and can be cooked by trimming the bottom inch of the stem.

One cup of Broccoli rabe is a nutty bitter green and contains more than 100% of your daily vitamin C and vitamin A.

Romanesca broccoli has a cauliflower texture and tastes like a sweet broccoli. Some describe the flavor as a mix of sweet corn, green beans and cauliflower.

If you have family members or people you cook for that donít like broccoli, there are ways you can ďsneakĒ it into food.

For a stir-fry, cut it into tiny pieces, the sauce will mask the flavor of the broccoli. It can be pureed and used in soups and stews. You can dice it up and toss it into salads too. also offers Macro Greens which is a powder that can be mixed in water or juice that gives you all the important antioxidants and vitamins broccoli does, plus much more.

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