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Alternative Leg Training

Feel like youíre hitting a plateau with your leg exercises? Here are some fun exercises to enhance your cardiovascular workout as well as strengthening your legs.

Kickboxing! Itís a great calorie burner and will get your glutes toned up in no time. To burn the most calories, keep the pace of your workout at a moderate intensity. Youíll also pick up and master a few self-defense skills with this exercise.

Inline skating or rollerblading is a lot of fun and can be done with someone else too. Inline skating works your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Hitting hilly streets and paths will make your workout more challenging and burn extra calories. Try backward skating once you feel comfortable going forward.

Stair Running can burn up to 425 calories with 30 minutes of running. Make sure you have on good shoes and the stairs you run are free of debris. Bleachers and steps in parks are good sources for this work out.

Cycling is another good leg exercise. Itís a great cardiovascular workout and does wonders for your calf muscles. Cycling indoors isnít as challenging because of the lack of hills and natural terrain but if you get on a bike at the gym for at least 30-45 minutes you will burn about 240 calories.

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